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10. April 2012.

70 Young People to be Employed Through the CISO Center

It was stated during yesterday’s press-conference, organized in the city of Banja Luka by the Republic of Srpska (RS) Institute for Employment and the Center for Information, Education and Training (CISO), that for the advertised positions within the restaurant of the world renowned franchise McDonalds, more than 600 people have applied, although only 70 positions are available. The restaurant is expected to open in Banja Luka in June this year.

This job advertisement for McDonalds has caught the most attention among the citizens of the entity of RS. The young individuals who have made the short-list have been previously trained by the CISO Center and thought how to best present themselves and demonstrated their skills to the employer.


Overall, the CISO Center management explains that the McDonalds representatives have been assessing the team work ability of individuals, as well as their adaptability and everything else that separates better candidates from the rest within a modern economy.


Erol Mujanovic, as the manager of the YERP Programme (Youth Employability and Retention Programme in BiH) that was developed as part of the Millennium Development Achievement Fund (MDG-F), has stated in the press-conference that “The young individuals, that have been provided with the services of the CISO Center, have demonstrated great competency in the interviews, which reinforces the reason for the establishment of these centers.” He also stressed that “Almost 2,000.00 individuals are currently gaining work experience and are employed in BiH, thanks to CISO Centers” and added that the Banja Luka CISO Center is catching up on the rest of the CISO Centers fast and so far has more than 1,000.00 users.


Mujanovic further added that “Job market harbors a huge gap between what the youth gains from their education and what the employers expect from them. Hence, we have been steering them at what they should be demonstrating to the foreign employer and we are proud of their success achieved so far.

The Youth Employability and Retention Programme (YERP) is supported through the Millennium Development Goals Fund, and financed by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain. The programme is jointly implemented by IOM, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNV, in partnership with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, entity Ministries of Labor and Education, the BiH Agency for Statistics, respective entity offices of statistics, employment offices across the country, non-vocational primary and secondary schools, municipalities and rural communities, individual enterprises and associations from the private sector and civil society organizations from the community level to the diaspora. 

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