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18. May 2012.

UN Programme Prevents Floods in Ljubinje

Flooding of Ljubinje town center is no longer a problem for more than 300 households, thanks to the joint efforts of the UN Program for Environment Protection and Climate Change (implemented by the UNDP, UNESCO, FAO, UNV and UNEP) and Ljubinje Municipality. The cleaning and covering of drainage channel "Bukov potok" worth BAM 72,000 also prevented the uncontrolled disposal of waste.

Vesko Budinčić, Mayor of Ljubinje stated: “This project addresses several problems we were facing, the prevention of flooding being the most important one. In 2006 alone, flooding created more than BAM 90,000 of damage. The drainage channel is running through the urban part of the town, but over the time it became an illegal garbage dumping site in spite of our attempts to prevent it. We finally solved both issues, which enables us to build an access road to a new part of town with some 300 houses.”


The cleaning of the illegal waste disposal and covering of 64 meters of the storm drainage channel in the center of Ljubinje worth BAM 72,000 was financed by the UN Joint Programme Environment and Climate Change and the Ljubinje Municipality. The project was implemented by the Citizens' Association ''Nešto više''.


“UN Programme helped Ljubinje Municipality to develop Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) which defines the priorities in the environment protection area. The flood prevention project is one of the most important for Ljubinje Municipality and we are glad to see it successfully completed, since it affects so many of its residents. We also completed protection and refitting of the spring water Trebesin location to ensure that 320 households in the Berkovići area have a safe and protected water source. This project worth BAM 20,000 was funded by the UN Programme, Berkovići Municipality and "Nešto više” CSO”, said Slađana Bundalo, Environmental Planning Clerk, UN Programme Environment and Climate Change.



The main aim of the activities performed throughout the country by the UN Programme Environment Protection and Climate Changes is improvement of environmental conditions in local communities, and also improvement of quality of life and decrease of damage caused by flood waters to health of Ljubinje inhabitants, as well as ensuring of safe and good-quality water supply for people in Berkovići.


UN Programme Environment and Climate Change and their partners are currently implementing 26 projects throughout BH, the total value of which is over USD 3 million.


The MDG-F Programme Environment and Climate Change: “Mainstreaming environmental governance: linking local and national action in BiH” is a three-year programme funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund which is being jointly implemented by five UN Agencies: UNDP, UNV, UNEP,  FAO and UNESCO, in partnership with the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations,  the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, the RS Ministry of Civil Engineering and Ecology, the RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water-Management, the FBiH Ministry of Ecology and Tourism, the FBiH Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry, the participating municipalities and civil society organizations. 


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