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3. July 2012.

The UN Joint Programme „Culture for Development“ Final Event

The UN Joint programme final event “ Culture for Development: Improving Cultural Understanding In Bosnia and Herzegovina“, was held yesterday in the Parliament building of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results of this three-year program, jointly implemented by three UN agencies: UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO in close cooperation with government authorities at all levels, were presented at this event.

The conference gathered many representatives of the BiH authorities, representatives of cultural and educational institutions across the country, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, international institutions, as well as many ambassadors in BiH. UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Yuri Afanasiev, Minister of Civil Affairs, Mr. Sredoje Novic and the Federal Minister of Education and Science, Mr.  Damir Masic, were addressed to the participants on this occasion.


„In the framework of the analysis of the legislation of BiH in the field of culture, which now represents a road map for the harmonization of BiH legislation with EU directives“, UN Resident Coordinator, Yuri Afanasiev stated.  It is also noted that „Except of the US$ 8.000,000 Spanish fund to achieve Millennium Development Goals, the local community has also invested the funds for the implementation of this programme“.


Minister of Civil Affairs, Sredoje Novic stressed that the „Culure for Development“ programme is one of the most successfully implemented program, which is fully agreed and implemented throughout the country, and within which it came to the fore the cooperation of government institutions and NGOs.


„In particular, 17 different cross-cultural monuments have been reconstructed during the implementation of the aforementioned program, and more than 70,000 students within the school system in BiH had an opportunity to meet and participate in various activities focused on intercultural relations and cooperation, and also to explore different  cultures,“  Yuri Afanasiev added.


During the implementation, the program was focused on improving the policy and strategic planning in the sector of culture and education, developing of statistical tools for data collection and improved programming, analysing of cultural industries and their contribution to the development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, strengthening the capacity of local municipalities to create an integrated supply of cultural tourism, supporting of intercultural dialogue in schools and in the media, renovation and rehabilitation of cultural heritage in order to respect diversity, and also to develop greater respect for interculturalism, and increase awareness of cultural commonalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina through actions focused on strengthening cross-cultural understanding.


The total project value was U.S. $ 8,807,000. 

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