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6. December 2012.

Mithras Temple in Jajce Inaugurated

The Mithras Temple dated 4th century AD was officially open in Jajce on December 4th, 2012. The rehabilitation of the site was done within the MDG-F programme Culture for Development and extensive works were financed by the Government of Kingdom of Spain, Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, Jajce Municipality and Federal Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage. Overall value of the monument's rehabilitation is 300,000 BAM.

Official opening of the Mithras Temple was attended by Ambassador of Kingdom of Spain HE Maria Aurora Mejia Errasquin, UN Resident Representative Yuri Afanasiev, Senior Program Officer of UNESCO Siniša Šešum, Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Salmir Kaplan and Mayor of Jajce Edin Hozan.

Mayor of Jajce stated that Jajce residents can all be proud to have such a unique monument and the fact that this municipality protects and cherishes its heritage. “Being proud of our history and protecting it from ever be forgotten is the joint task of the municipality and its citizens”, said Mayor Hozan.

Ambassador of Kingdom of Spain stated that this project was supported because of its enormous historical and cultural value, as well as for ensuring enrichment of the cultural and touristic potential of Jajce, creation of new jobs and contribution to sustainable local development. 

The temple dates from 4th century AD and was first discovered in 1930. Due to poor conditions in the past 80 years, the monument’s condition was deteriorating. The new facility fully covers and protects Mithreum. This cult was wide spread in the Roman Empire, including Dalmatia Province that was covering most of the territory of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This is the second project implemented within the MDG-F programme Culture for Development, financed by the Kingdom of Spain. In November 2010, the programme supported Native Ethnological Collection of Jajce to be established and open for the public, thus contributing to creation of additional cultural tourism revenue.

MDG-F programme Culture for Development was a three-year programme implemented in partnership of the three United Nations agencies in BiH: UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF in cooperation with the State Ministry of Civil Affairs, FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports and RS Ministry of Education and Culture. Programme was funded by the Spanish Government through the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F).

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