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24. October 2013.

Safe, supportive and healthy environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United Nations Day is celebrated on 24 October around the world. On the occasion of the UN Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among other activities, UN Volunteers and other UN agencies support voluntary action of planting million seedlings, organized by NGO "Ruke" and NGO "Mozak prijateljstva". About 20,000 volunteers will gather across Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to draw attention of general public on environmental protection and the importance of forest ecosystems by planting trees.

This year, UN Country Team (UNCT) and other stakeholder in BiH, have begun the process of defining goals and planning activities that will be implemented within the next five-year cycle.

UN agencies will, as always, continue to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina to build a better future, a secure environment, ensure equal access to justice for all and social inclusion, increase energy efficiency and improve the environmental protection, and help the elders and persons with disabilities and all other minorities who still need support of the international community.

Through numerous programs and projects, thanks to the joint work of UN agencies and their cooperation with a number of socio-political, educational and cultural stakeholders in the country, the UN in BiH continuously works on improving the quality of life for all citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Post-2015 agenda and new development goals for creation of a better and more righteous world will be the focus of all UN agencies at the global level.

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