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18. December 2013.

"Implementation of the Concept for Human Security in order to Stabilize Communities in Canton 10"

UNHSTF Project for Canton 10 Launched

Over the next three years, UN Human Security Trust Fund (UNHSTF) will finance the three-year project "Application of the Concept of Human Security in order to Stabilize Communities in Canton 10" with the total value of over 4 million BAM.

Livno - Kanton 10
"The project was conceived as a model of close cooperation and partnership among agencies of the United Nations with the cantonal and municipal governments, civil society organizations and other potential stakeholders in the project. Four UN agencies (UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM) and partners in Canton 10 will jointly implement the project", said Slobodan Tadić, Regional Representative of the UNDP.

The launch conference held on December 17, 2013 in Livno was attended by Branko Ivković, Prime Minister of the Canton 10, members of the Cantonal Government, mayors and representatives of all municipalities of the Canton 10, as well as representatives of public institutions, civil society organizations and UN agencies.

"Cantonal Government will plan its activities and allocate funds needed to support project implementation. Also, the Government will appoint its representatives to a joint Steering Board, and work on identification of priorities and coordination of project implementation", said Branko Ivković, Prime Minister of the Canton 10.

The UNDP research shows that Canton 10 is the least developed region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project will focus on refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons living in Canton 10, who are facing various challenges and difficulties in the process of reintegration.

Project "Application of the Concept of Human Security in order to Stabilize Communities in Canton 10“ will, among other goals, be aiming to  strengthen partnerships between local authorities and participants in the project through the joint Steering Board, as well as  to strengthen capacities of cantonal and municipal authorities in providing social services and other forms of support to vulnerable groups.

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