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5. February 2011.

Migrations Training - Preparing for CISO Centers’ Opening

Total of 33 employees of Centers for Information, Education and Training (CISO) participated in the 5 day training on migrations, held by MDG-F Youth Employability and Retention Programme (YERP).

The training enabled CISO employees to advise potential young migrants on possibilities and procedures regarding the regular migrations and risks related to irregular labor migrations. CISO centers will open within following months in 17 locations countrywide.

Specific goals of the training held in Konjic from January 24th to 29th were:

•To familiarize CISO employees with migration issues of regional relevance;

•To provide CISO employees a basic understanding of International Migration Law and migration legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and where to find additional information;

•To give CISO employees the information that will help them to raise awareness of migrants’ contribution to development in BiH.

•To help CISO employees support young people who wish to return to BiH for work.

The Youth Employability and Retention Programme (YERP) is supported through the Millennium Development Goals Fund, and financed by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain. The programme is jointly implemented by IOM, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNV, in partnership with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, entity Ministries of Labor and Education, the BiH Agency for Statistics, respective entity offices of statistics, employment offices across the country, non-vocational primary and secondary schools, municipalities and rural communities, individual enterprises and associations from the private sector and civil society organizations from the community level to the diaspora.

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