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28. March 2012.

Triple Win Circular Labour Migration Scheme in Germany

The Triple Win program is a pilot program that will support some 20 nurses from various towns in BiH for a period of 18 months to gain new skills and experience working in the German health sector. The program will also support their reintegration upon return either with finding opportunities for employment or with start-up businesses.

YERP Component III (IOM) has continued with establishment of a Temporary Circular Labour Migration scheme for young people between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany. The third group of 5 beneficiaries selected under the Triple Win project (implemented by GIZ) and in cooperation with the Employment Offices in Tuzla and Zenica and the YERP component III (IOM)  traveled to Germany on Monday, 26.03.2012.and has already arrived in Frankfurt and met with their future employer.


YERP Component III (IOM) has provided pre-departure orientation and covered the transportation and visa costs of these beneficiaries, and plans to cover certificates costs for those candidates that will pass the final exam successfully. This certificate will be valid in all EU countries. All candidates will inform the YERP regularly about their work experience in Germany and about their future plans related to their profession.


All participants are excited about this opportunity to improve their professional skills and all of them hope that the knowledge and working experience that they will gain through this project will be useful for their future career.


The UN’s Youth Employability and Retention Programme (YERP) is supported through the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund financed by the Spanish Government. The Programme is jointly implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, IOM and UNV in partnership with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Entity Ministries responsible for labor and education, the BiH Agency for Statistics, Entity Agencies for Statistics, Public Employment Service offices across the country, primary and general secondary schools, municipalities and rural communities, individual firms as well as private sector associations, and civil society organizations from the community level to the Diaspora.

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