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MDGF Culture for Development

Culture for Development was a joint programme implemented in the period 2009 - 2012 by three United Nations agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina: UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, in close collaboration with the national Ministry of Civil Affairs, the entity Ministries of Culture and Education, as well as other institutions responsible for education and culture in the country. The programme was funded by the Government of Kingdom of Spain through the MDG Achievement Fund thematic window Culture and Development with co-financing of the Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions.

The Joint Programme ended in June 2012.

The main aim of the programme was to help build social cohesion, develop greater respect for interculturalism, and increase awareness of cultural commonalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina through actions focused on strengthening cross-cultural understanding.


Key programme objectives included:

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· Improvement of the cultural policy and legal framework

· Improvement of cross-cultural understanding

· Strengthening of the cultural industries, and

· Improvement of tolerance for diversity




Programme Financing


MDG Fund:
8,000,000.00 USD

Other sources (cca):


Government of Kingdom of Spain:
131,000.00 USD

35,000.00 USD

City of Mostar:
205,000.00 USD

 British Council:
18,000.00 USD

 Co-financing by CSOs:
418,000.00 USD


8,807,000.00 USD

Culture can mean a variety of things and can in broad terms be understood as the way people live (with each other), how they function in a certain context and why they make the choices they do. Culture is as such a characteristic of every society, which is being translated in the architecture and art, beliefs and values, dress, songs, traditions, language, etc. All of them enrich human lives, harness creativity and explore beauty, spirituality and communality. Being formed by people and societies, culture is not static but vibrant and ever-changing. It is highly dynamic and influenced by those who partake in its forms and creation. While often based on traditions and heritage of previous generations, culture is constantly created and re-created through changes in cognitions and perceptions. As a dynamic and creative form of human expression, culture can be a powerful motor for sustainable human development.



Culture lies at the centre of development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): it represents both a major challenge for development, and a key part of the solution. Issues of ethnicity, religion and cultural heritage are difficult to separate in BiH, and the recent history of the country puts these at the heart of political and social development. Yet, a focus on the benefits of the country’s intercultural dynamics has the potential to promote wider tolerance, acceptance and understanding, and to provide economic opportunities that in themselves deliver development. Therefore, strengthening cross-cultural understanding, the role of culture, and related cultural tourism, in development strategies and planning, and building the understanding and capacity to deliver these, will enhance the prospects of meeting key Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), thereby improving the quality of life in BiH.



Culture can make a direct contribution to sustainable development in Bosnia and Herzegovina by building upon existing assets in the areas of cultural heritage and cultural industries, and linking these directly to cultural tourism. Intertwined, these three areas – heritage, cultural industries and cultural tourism – present enormous untapped potential.


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·         Ministry of Civil Affairs BiH

·         Ministry of Culture and Sports FBiH

·         Ministry of Education and Culture RS 

·         Ministry od Education and Science FBiH

·         Sector for Cultural and Hystorical Heritage and Culture FBiH

·         Institute for Protection of Monuments FBiH

·         RS Institute for Protection of Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage 

·         Municipalities Bijeljina, Rudo, Jajce, Prijedor, Bihać, Gradiška, Srebrenik, Novo Sarajevo, Tešanj and Sokolac

·         Society for Protection of Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage Jajce 

·         Ministry of Education and Science Sarajevo Canton

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Tuzla Canton

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Zenica-Doboj Canton 

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Bosna-Podrinje Canton

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Una-Sana Cantona

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Mid-Bosna Canton 

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Posavina Canton

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Canton 10

·         Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Hercegoivina-Neretva Canton 

·         Department for Education of Brčko Distrikt BiH

·         Agency for pre-school, primary and high school education of BiH 

·         British Council

·         Pedagogical Institutes

·         Centre Andre Malraux

·         Institute for Education UK

·         Scienter Italy

·         Centre for Education Policy Serbi

·         CIVITAS BiH

·         Association for Capacity Building and Development EU TAC



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