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MDGF Youth Employability and Retention (YERP)

The Youth Employability and Retention Programme is supported through the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund financed by the Spanish Government to enhance Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) ownership of the Millennium Development Goals under the United Nations reform framework.

The Programme is jointly implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, IOM and UNV in partnership with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Entity Ministries responsible for labor and education, the BiH Agency for Statistics, Entity Agencies for Statistics, Public Employment Service offices across the country, primary and general secondary schools, municipalities and rural communities, individual firms as well as private sector associations, and civil society organizations from the community level to the Diaspora. The Programme duration is 3 years, with an estimated budget of US$ 6,700,000.


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The specific Programme objectives are to contribute to: 

Programme Financing


MDG Fund:
6,000,000.00 USD

Other sources (cca):

UNV: 300,000.00 USD


Employment Institute of Brcko District: 7,000.00 USD


Employment Institute of  Republika Srpska: 9,500.00 USD


Federal Employment Institute: 282,000.00 USD


Local Administrations` Co- finansing: 111,000.00 USD


6,709,500.00 USD

  • increasing the capacity of the education system and local communities to improve youth employability
  • enhancing capacities of the Public Employment Services and civil society to develop and deliver an integrated package of youth employability measures;
  • maximizing positive impact of youth migration whilst minimizing impact of irregular migration.
Why the Programme was created?
The education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not fully  adjusted to meet market needs. When they leave school, youth find that they are not able to find jobs, leading to discouragement, apathy and social exclusion. The Youth Employability and Retention Programme aims to respond to high youth unemployment and prevent the drain of valuable resources from the country.


The Programme was launched in December 2009.


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